Welcome to Quodlibet 2.0

I sincerely apologize for the sudden and lengthy interruption of service. The cause of the problem is due solely to our immediate need to either upgrade or regress. I chose the more disruptive option of upgrading. In lieu of the outage, this means many good things for QUODLIBET.
We are now utilizing a "blog" framework (MovableType 4.2) to manage the site.

One the one hand, this means that QUODLIBET site content will be more meaningfully categorized. As you can see from our (prototype) home page, we intend to offer several new features such as biographies, reviews, theological definitions, and more.

On the other hand, this means that all our prior content (nearly 250 articles) will need to be incorporated into the new system. This, I will need to do by hand for each article so as to maintain the new standard of indices and aesthetics.

All new articles will be submitted, approved and published through the new process.

All articles published prior to the transition will keep their original URLs until they are categorized and re-published. In accordance with QUODLIBET's original promise to our contributing authors, their original URL will remain valid, but will (eventually) automatically re-direct to the new listing. Prior authors can anticipate greater traffic to their work based on QUOLIBET's upgraded/enhanced abilities to specifically categorize and keyword article content.

This, of course, is all in flux at the moment. As you can see, the conversion has hardly begun. Rather than allow QUODLIBET and its substantial contributor offerings to languish, I have opted to re-open the site despite its obvious transitional phase. At the very least, this allows full access to everything within QUOD 1.0.

~ Scott David Foutz
   Principal QUOD Editor


Emerging Church Economics

There are too many errors in this book for unsophisticated readers. McLaren’s book has value only to readers who recognize the mistakes but are willing to learn about a position that springs from ideology and a theological framework. For me, the emerging church movement is enough to consider by itself without flawed economics intertwined

Mordecai Kaplan: Rethinking Judaism for the New World

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